Thursday, February 13, 2014

Olympic Round Up Part 1

Sochi we go hard, we go hard:

Marker Bindings, the official sponsor of Toepiece Tuesday.
Hard to know for sure what's going on right here.  I think Putin is involved somehow though. 
#ThrowbackThursday Alberto Tomba literally leaking sex out of his suit.  And smelling like confidence. 
Laurenne Ross #FacialFriday-ing to the best of her abilities.
I hate when that happens.  It's real tough on the mascara.
#SleepySaturday aka the agony of defeat.
Is that net Maroon 5?  Because you're all tangled up in it.
One of my favorite athletes looks like he took a Rok to the face!  No olympic Perks there.
"How'd our nordies do this weekend?" -- Ahh.. they all hiked.  Classic Shpall joke.
Just got some insane videos in.  Might not blog them this weekend...  Slalom Ace needs a snorkel for all that powder.  I'm going to Jackson.  Deuces.

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