Saturday, February 15, 2014

Olympics -- Never Forget

Literally insane I never got a chance to do this in the olympics.  I just plain don't get it.  I can wear sleeves like that.  I CAN WEAR SLEEVES LIKE THAT.  And not to ruin any suspense but the drum solo at the end?  I was born to do that.  More accurately, I was for goddamn sure born in the wrong decade.  I would have crushed the 80s so hard.  Anyone who has gone with me to karaoke knows that.  What I lacked in skiing ability I made up for in showmanship and beautiful hair.  That's exactly what they said about Swayze, by the way.

Thanks to Julien for the video! with crashes or really just anything blogworthy.  A+ work by Julien thinking outside the box here.  Slalom ace out.

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