Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snow Bowl Balling

Or possibly a little ballet, in honor of #whammywednesday, the day after #toepiecetuesday.  Andrew "Thirty Racka" Maca at Sugarloaf.  Not sure when this was, because my skiing career ended, causing me to quickly lose touch with the E-Cup circuit, ski racing terms, and what in life makes me happy.  Wow, that got dark.  Anyways, turn down for what:

Big boy angles.  Big boy speed.  Big boy GS hill.
But little boy bindings... TURN (your bindings) DOWN FOR WHAT!
Look at this elegance in the face of near-certain death.  Let's go Maca.  Grace under pressure.
The 360 has been completed.  Time to resume the course, try to make flip at the very least.
Ohhhhh WHAMMY but at least it's not a...
DOUBLE WHAMMY oh wait... wait it could be a double whammy.

Vacation day 3 update:  Hit 70 today on powder skis because George told me I had to.  Gonna get a little weird tonight and then George and I are taking the moped up to Wyoming, the birthplace of powder snow and Annie Proulx.  Send me videos  Slalom ace out.

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