Wednesday, March 19, 2014

2014 Crash Of The Year

USCSA.  Unreal.  Whatever NCAA thinks they have, I couldn't care less.  You wouldn't see a Panel GS in a NCAA race.  You wouldn't see a jump in a NCAA race.  And you DAMN sure wouldn't see the insane dedication of red course guy.  This is incredible.  I'm awestruck.  I'm blinded by the bright lights of the USCSA circuit.  Does anyone know if I still have any USCSA eligibility?  I don't want to be part of this... I need to be.  This race has a better plot than the majority of the Harry Potter books, and I don't toss around praise like that lightly.  Feast on this.

I need an ESPN 30 for 30 starring these two racers and I need it yesterday.  Does anyone know who these people are?  I think Slalom Tokyo Drift is going to be conducting an interview.  Thanks to Clark, the prettiest Macomber of them all, for the crash.  Send me stuff.  Slalom Ace out.

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