Thursday, March 27, 2014

Oh God Dude Jesus Dude!

I gotta say, there's a lot in this crash that could have been drawn up a little better.  From a planning standpoint, I just don't get it.  From an athlete safety standpoint, I hate it.  From a Slalom Tokyo Drift standpoint... I live for it.  I love it.  I need some more of it.  Let's start with the basics.  One:  How do we feel about running a speed race at night under the lights.  Do we like it?  My brain says no but my heart says yes.  Same strategy as NHL fights and Nascar I guess... everyone likes a little carnage now and again.
Put in your flat light lenses and crank up the DIN boys and girls!
Because this one is gonna be a ripper... oh, and there are holes all over the race course.
Ah, good to see that DNF is sponsoring the course.  That's nice at least.
Looking for aerodynamics?
Nope... just horribly, horribly compressed.
I don't think I've seen this particular move in a long time.  Bring out the Graham investment interns and the cardboard...
Because we're going breakdancing!
Emphasis on "break".

Thanks to Kristin for the crash!  Don't ever change, all of you.  I am getting absolutely overwhelmed with emails these days, but keep sending the crashes in!  I will blog them!  Maybe.  Slalom ace out.

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