Monday, March 3, 2014

Okay, I'll Admit It

The first 42 seconds of this video are pretty boring, I'd start it and go take a bathroom break or maybe cook 2/3rds of your minute rice.  But that's the nature of Sugarbush's race hill.  It's long, it's flat, and no one has a good time on it.  Yes, that's my homepage.  Yes, I do still have the mug.  No, you can't have an autograph.  My man Malcolm is slicing and dicing down the hill when, you guessed it, he crashes.  Welcome to Slalom Toyko Drift where no one scores and everyone wins.

Aww yeah baybeee getting off that fierce steep and all you can do is grab a little bullet!  Let's go let's go let's GOOO!
Oh I see you red gate.  Oh I SEE you.  And I'm coming for that ass.  Start the lawnmower up.  Time to mow some gates.
Target acquired.  "I'm going for Missle Lock.  Lock up baby lock up."

That red gate is bugging out and going home.
But in war, there are casualties.  Like that Lil' Wayne song: "War"
Well, it looks like Malcolm's getting it back together at least!

Thanks to Cam for the crash!  Send me that good stuff.  Slalom Ace out.

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