Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Oh I've Got It NO I DON'T

Classic Slalom Tokyo Drift.  The low lows, and then, the lowest of lows.  Can't spell disdainfully without DNF.  Whatever that means.  I looked that up on the internet, I didn't figure that out on my own.  So there's that.
Oh no... losing the outside ski.  A story as old as Slalom Tokyo Drift itself.
Goodbye blue gate.  Our paths shall never cross again.
Oh wait, what's that?  Back into the course!  David triumphs over the Goliath gravity!
And now it's right back on it baby.  Arc city mayor.
Would you look at this?  Crispy angles.  YUM.  This stuff gets me going.
Ohhh.. no.  Nevermind.
As King Kendrick says... man down.  YAK YAK YAK YAK.
Nothing but a cave full of snowsnakes.  Daniel Powter, "Bad Day"

Thanks to Roman for the vid!  I have more coming.  Okay I'll throw one in now.

Another video:

Theamericanmob@gmail.com.  Slalom Ace out.

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