Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Slalom Tokyo Drift Season SEVEN

Believe it or not... we are on season seven!  I first posted this picture on on January 7, 2008... so the 2007-2008 winter was our first.

A young slalom ace, tokyo drifting through the seas of time
My FIS career is over.  And I may have not been the "Lebron James" of ski racing, but I sure was the Ray Allen.  Because I wasn't the best, but if you needed the highest points available, I was the guy for the job.  What Ray Allen was to scoring threes, I was to scoring these:

When you're hot, you're hot, ya know?

Anyway, onto season seven!  We're starting this year off with a big bang and a chill bro.  I bring you, Nolan Kasper.

Now, was it that great of a crash?  No.  But then again, it's October first.  What have you done lately.  What, do you want a screenshot?  Okay, here it is.

Blah blah blah snowsnake.  I'm rusty.
Slalom Tokyo Drift is back and stronger than ever.  I'd also like to announce that Charlie Mcconville was promoted this summer from intern to senior blogger.  Because he finally posted a single video.  Charlie, I swear to God I would fire you if you weren't so adorable.  He literally puts Slalom Tokyo Drift on his resume.  Sam Macomber is coming back as our breakfast sandwich consultant.

Last year was great for us.  We passed skiracing.com for pageviews, passed Ted Ligety for Instagram followers, and passed on hooking up with Lara Gut because we thought we could do better.  One can only hope this will be even better.  Let it be a long winter.  And when you crash, and you will, we will be here to post the video.  Slalom Ace out.