Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Garmin GPS Roadmap Athlete

This week's Garmin GPS Roadmap Athlete of the week goes to Col De Vosa, perhaps.  Could also be "Toby".  Not sure of the actual name, but that's what the video clip said.  This is big time.  I mean, how lost are you out there?  Did you inspect?  This is the speed skiing equivalent of Lloyd and Harry going the wrong way on a moped.  Check it out for youselves, ladies and gents.

Yikes.  YIKES.  Realistically though, COME on.

Lined it up...
Blew it.
Definitely blew it.
The real question is who are these coaches?  It sounds like a guy from the Boondock Saints.  Not in a good way.  And what is he doing not filming the aftermath?  If I have one complaint in life, it's coaches that turn off the footage as soon as shit hits the fan.  Let me see the anguish!  Don't make me imagine it!  Ugh.  It's gonna be a LOOOOONG season.  Crashes to  Thanks to Angus for the vid.  Slalom Ace out.

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