Monday, October 27, 2014

Olav Crashes Part 1-3

My man Olav Juvik sent me not one, not two, but THREE crashes from Pitztal last week.  Good work Olav.  Pitztal sounds fucking rough.  Let's see what we're working with here ladies and gents.

Olav, you never snow fart when you are going backwards man!  What are you thinking!
Olav crashing so hard he lost his head... kinda like another Olaf I knew:
Crash one, pretty solid.  What do we have next?

Like the crash, hate the angle.  Whatever.  And the finale, you've all been waiting for it, let's see how the final run goes boys, he's been working for this all week!

Mondays are tough, but Slalom Tokyo Drift is always there for you.  Follow @colmarskiteam to see what Olav and these boys are all about.  Also, sorry for the lack of Men's GS roundup, but it just plain wasn't that good for crashes.  I'm sure Doug Lewis still isn't over it though.  Crashes to  Slalom Ace out.

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