Saturday, December 20, 2014

It's Saturday! Let's Get Radical

I have a bunch of videos for you!  It takes forever to sort through all of them these days.  I'm really happy with how popular STD is getting, but I completely don't understand why people continue to send videos of videos to me.  It's on your computer... why do you video it from your phone first?  Why?  Anyway, here's some highlights about what's happened over the last week.

Daniel tried skiing downhill at Steamboat and took one of the longest slides I've ever seen:

Sing it, Paul!  Arthur showed off his sweet hand eye coordination.  Skiers aren't supposed to have hand eye coordination!  And yet this guy has mitts like Manny Machado.

Cooper took his GoPro down Beaver Creek, and let us all know where X marks the spot.

Kai went RIGHT over the handlebars (35 seconds in):

Mikayla found a snow snake:

A Michaela with a different spelling got later... and later... and later...

Part two coming tomorrow.  Crashes to  Slalom Ace out!

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