Monday, December 1, 2014

Lake Louise Roundup

The boys doing it big in the North.  But remember, Canada is like the matrix.  If you die there you die in real life.  It's not just some video game.  Let's check the tale of the tape:

Featuring some of Doug Lewis's best work.  #hottake #hottake #hottakemayor.

Why do they put those bubble things there?
Where did Andreas Romar go?
Peekaboo!  There he is!
Tommy "Bacon egg and cheesy" Biesemeyer getting radical on the steeps
I honestly don't even know how this happens.  He looks like a spaceship trying to land or something.
I would never just throw this out there, but how did you become a world cup skier?
The real question here is what is that blue thing?  Is that his frostbitten jaw?
Contemplating death.  Face already frostbitten a deep hue of purple.
And that's why you stay away from Canada in November.  Thanks to all the skiers for entertaining us for such an insanely lucrative sport.  Still recovering from yesterday.  Crashes to  Slalom Ace out.

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