Saturday, December 27, 2014

Schneider Cup Wh-Wh-WHAMMY!

This moment makes me proud because it's the first time one of the athletes that I coach has made it onto Slalom Tokyo Drift.  It's great knowing the bad habits that I've had throughout my ski career can be perpetuated for eternity.  Slalom Tokyo Drift will keep being a source for great crashes for generations to come.  Sam Marshall getting EATEN ALIVE out there at Cranmore.  Bad boy lifestyle, in-DEED.

Dear diary.  Today, I shit my pants.
That ski is getting away from Sam like a fuel tank leaving a shuttle.
This is where I show you a visual representation of my simile.
I love this.  I love this so much.  Look at Sam's face.  Pure terror.  Who knew you should be wearing shin guards for GS?
But it looks like he's gonna pull this off!  Hard arcing, this should be no problem to come to a quick stop. 
Whoops.  I also like how Sam's other ski is now following him like a heat seeking missile.
What a sweet DNF.  This had just about everything a young boy needs in a crash.  And it all started with Marker bindings.
Thanks to Sam for the crash!  Send the goods to  Slalom Ace out.

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