Monday, December 22, 2014

Speed Roundup For The Boys

ESPN got nothing on me.  Three blog posts, three days!  Look at me go!  Getting a fire lit under that ass!  I deserve a Pulitzer or three.  First up we have my main girl Lotte Smiseth Sejersted, bringing to the course one of the harder crashes of the year and one of the harder names to spell.  Featuring an absolutely vintage Steve Porino quote.  "On her MELON... and into the ORANGE room!"  Stop trying to make "Orange room" happen.

Laurenne Ross going in SWITCH!  But unfortunately speed skis don't have twin tips.  And there's no style points in speed.  Oh well.  You live and you learn.

And Florian Scheiber showing why you get forward over terrain.  Florian hits those bumps just perfectly wrong, smashes his head, and goes limper than me on Saturday at 2am.

Florian Schieber could potentially be a before model for proactive at this point.  I guess that's nice.
A photo posted by Scheiber Florian (@flo_scheiber) on
Crashes to  Slalom Ace out.

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