Friday, August 12, 2016

2016 STD Logo Contest

Hello hello hello Slalom Tokyo Drifters and Drift-ettes.  Hope you are all having a great summer full of knee rehab and upper body workouts - remember, you can't win a race without a fast start, and that means triceps - all day, every day.  After what, nine years of not making any money off this site, we've decided to start selling merch.  But because we didn't want to pay a graphic designer, you know what that means... LOGO CONTEST!  We offered $250 to the winner, but to see where we ended up, you must first know where we started... here are our 40-ish submissions, generally grouped together from the 240 point USSA skiers with mismatched bindings and a PARA license, all the way to the Lindsey Vonns of graphic design.  Speaking of Lindsey and paint, remember this?  Slalom Tokyo Drift does.  We appreciate all these submissions so much, but that being said, we're obviously going to roast them.

LET'S GET TO IT!  Starting with the very worst submission, from REDACTED.

Good effort, kid.  If you didn't do ANYTHING, you did better than that.  Now, here's the category I'd summarize best as, "kind of bad drawings".  Let's see what we're working with:
Come on, at least draw the circle straight

Not a good enough job indicating the bindings are Marker
Lined paper... but Doctor, WHY?
How would one put this on a t-shirt?
This is actually one of my sneaky favorites, but why is it on two pages?  Why?
Having the bib be a 6 instead of a 69 is a missed layup of an opportunity
Minimal effort.  Minimal results.
I'd rather ski at Whiteface than make these shirts
Me looking at my GPA
Absolute classic - "Have someone called the ambulance yet?"
'Hello Poppit!
This is something you'd find on a paper placemat at Applebee's
Again, not clear enough that these are Marker Bindings.
Again, any bib that isn't 69 just isn't going to work for us.

This brings us to our next category - drawings that are actually pretty good:
Close to a contender, but the comment section thought it was a little too like Jerry of the Day
Ultimately the lack of "Slalom Tokyo Drift" killed this one
Interesting perspective, I dig it, I really do

 I'd call this next category graphic designing close calls - where we appreciate the effort, but probably would not have put it on a shirt even if there were no better options.
We can barely keep our website running - no way we can do gradient prints.
Don't need POC suing us
I'm not sure why but I just love the top left
Lots of skull and bones which I love

But it gets repetitive
STD+ for life

Microsoft paint's finest
Just gonna need a LITTLE more effort on this one
And this one
Nothing wrong with it... just, nothing right with it either
Really like it, don't get it
This brings us to the only logo that's in a category of it's own - Daria from Germany made us an acrylic painting of a guy skiing, which is incredible.  Unfortunately, we have no idea how to get that onto a shirt or hat.

Even though you don't get $250, take some fake internet points!
This brings us to the real contenders, the heavy hitters, the 1-7 seed in a World Cup, the 40 point skier on a Bates team:

Rage.  Fucking Rage.

I like it, and I think it would work well on a shirt.  Again, the lack of Marker Bindings cripples you here.

I have no idea what the inspiration was for this, but I can't get enough. 
Why the heavy imperial Japanese influence?  I do not know.
I feel like Urban Outfitters would make this shirt.
Slalom Tokyo Drift meets Miami Vice

AND DRUMROLL... the winner is LORENZO RITORTO.  I don't know much about him, but from a brief look of things, he's a graphic designer from Torino, Italy.  Makes sense.  You'll notice that we aren't actually showing the winning design - that's because we're waiting to release the winner in a SEPARATE post to get more pageviews once we've started making merch!  Classic us!

Congratulations to Lorenzo, we'll be in touch on how to get those $250 big smacking US Dollars your way.  Thanks everyone else for competing, and we'll be in touch with some cash if we decide to make stuff with additional logos in the future.  Slalom Ace out.